Monday, January 12, 2015

Top Men’s Bag Trends For 2015

Unless you have not been updated on menswear trends in recent years, you might not be surprised that bags are the next best thing in recent years and this trend is certainly here to stay. Designers have surpassed themselves in the creation of convenient and stylish pieces that you would want to take to work or on a trip any day. These pieces have moved from the conventional messenger bags that were so popular in the early 2000s to pave the way for sophisticated options. Apart from serving convenient purposes, these bags would also complement your look.

The Briefcase

The briefcase has gone through a complete reinvention in recent years. It is still a traditional business bag, but it has now been modified to fit the demands of the modern workplace. The bag not only features sleek lines and practical designs, they also have compartments to answer to the needs of the tech-savvy individual. These bags have padded compartments that are ideal to store laptops, tablets and smartphones comfortably. There might additionally be extra rooms in the modern briefcase to accommodate personal belongings ensuring that trousers and jacket pockets are kept trim. This crocodile leather briefcase can be purchased at $289.99

Chic Crocodile Pattern Professional Leather Briefcase
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The Folio

With the absence of handles and clean cut designs, the folio has risen to become a favourite among modern men. This bag is considered as being the gent’s counterpart for the clutch. These types of bags are streamlined to yield a minimalist look and aim at simplifying your life as they enable you to carry the strict minimum such as a tablet or a slim laptop. These bags provide a clean and streamlined look for when you have to carry around the bare essential. This elegant folio bag can be found at $137.39
Men Genuine Leather Black Business Handbag
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The Backpack

Formerly considered more of a functional item, the backpack has now become a favorite when it comes to men’s fashion, especially when it comes in noble materials such as leather. Backpacks have recently been reinvented by designers and have become fashion statements while remaining the practical load bearers that they were initially meant to be. These bags are ideal for the casual dressers who might have a lot to carry around. This leather backpack is sold at $290.99
Mens Pilaeo High End Style Business Shoulder Pilaeo High End Bro
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The tote 

The tote bag is convenient, being incredibly easy to carry and having a practical load-shifting potential quite similar to that of the backpack. The main benefit of the tote comes in its open top design that enables the carrier to quickly find items while being on the go. Totes make for great city or beach bags and have recently been translated from womenswear to men’s styles. Men’s totes are often available in a large array of designs and leather ones are particularly elegant. Their large handles allow these bags to be carried around easily. This leather tote bag can be purchased at $572.77
High-class Large Capacity Alligator Tote Cross Section Bag
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The Holdall 

With professional lives gaining pace, you might have to travel a lot for short periods of time, whether it is for a business trips or for pleasure. The holdall is the go-to bag if you have to travel often for relatively shorter time or have to move around with luggages. These bags are robust enough to cope with travelling and spacious enough to hold a good amount of necessities. This wine red color leather bag is priced at $238.39
Pilaeo High End Handmade Leather Satchel Wine Red Leather Bag CY
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Due to their mobile nature, bags, much like shoes, would be more prone to wear and tear and therefore investment in quality and durability would be crucial when choosing the perfect style and the rest would just depend on your own personal taste.

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