Monday, August 25, 2014

Mens Crocodile Briefcase: The Successful Business Essential

Top Picked Briefcase Styles

Stylish briefcases such as crocodile patterned and genuine leather luxury styles are the top choice for modern gentlemen.

PILAEO Mens Briefcases
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Using a stylish briefcase to carry your essentials to work is a must in today's socially  stereotyped environment. This briefcase is equipped with various convenient compartments, and of course the obvious, trendy crocodile-styled leather. Most men are highly opinionated when speaking of crocodile leather. Often with an arguably too-shiny, glossy finish, crocodile leather can make or break a guy's fashion image he's spent years working on. To play it safe, this crocodie inspired leather is matte enough to retain quality but glossy enough to still be called crocodile leather. The flap at the top of the briefcase is handcrafted using a smooth leather in black that makes the 2-tone briefcase even more appealing. 

mens crocodile briefcase

 Get this Black crocodile briefcase at Mens Fashion And Briefcase store for just $228.95

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Briefcases For Men Under $250 You Must Have

Briefcases For Men Top Picks! If there is one thing you notice, gazing through a morning rush-hour crowd, it surely would be the briefcases, locked into savvy businessman's hands like a coffee mug. As these guys go about their day, briefcases conveniently secure  all their essentials in neat compartments, ipad to comb & brush. Briefcases were an integral part of history for men; Always on the go, traveling, being salesmen, making deals, and having professional clout. Briefcases are arguably  the single most important accessory for a guy in his professional life. No guy wants to go  without his posh, handy, high-end, leather companion. As a time tested essential in men's fashion, the leather briefcase has always extruded quality and loyalty. Here are some briefcase picks for fashionable men.
stylish leather briefcases for men

crocodile pattern leather briefcase for men
briefcases for men
 Smooth leather is every gentleman's dream. A briefcase or messenger bag with a touch of luxury and style is what the fashion guru ordered! This brown leather bag is posh, professional, and loyal to the regular wearer. Comfortably styled with a contemporary yet vintage approah,  the compartments are perfect to hold a guy's daily essentials. 
Tip: Coordinate your briefcase color with your shoe color to maintain a neat, well-put-together style. Briefcases are increasingly and conveniently being merged  with  notebooks and ipads as an all-in-one messenger bag. Briefcases are quietly replacing walllets and potfollios.Thus, the increasing style and mens fashion emphasis on  briefcases.

briefcases for men

briefcases for men

briefcases for men

The inside compartments, durable handle, and zipper on this ultra-smooth brown leather briefcase/messenger bags allows it's luxuriousness to speak for itself. No wonder it has been voted popular #1. The quality, style, and high-end value allows this bag to be a bargain! Other decent bags can be found at briefcase selections.