Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Awesome Leather Briefcases For Men Under $500

Best Briefcases Under $500!

It's no big secret that the leather briefcase has repeatedly been a time tested essential for gentlemen all around the world. One of the best ways to look professional, organized, and amazingly stylish, is to pick up a trendy, modern briefcase. Let's emphasis MODERN in this context, frankly because it's one characteristic that briefcases need to be chosen by. Not to say that the traditional black, leather briefcase is no longer a contender in the world of style and elegance that men so crave to be in, however, more awesome and high quality options are available than ever! Awesome leather briefcases shouldn't have to be anything near thousands of dollars if luxury can be within the scope of something well under $1000! Here are 5 awesome leather briefcases for men under $500 to consider:

Top Choice: Classic Crocodile Leather Mens Laptop Lock Black Bag X813XFZKPI
The crocodile pattern has been a favorite for the most stylish gentlemen. Known for it's sleek look, and exotic design, the crocodile pattern designed into a chic briefcases is exactly what modern style means. With a detachable shoulder strap, and a mulch-compartmentalized interior, any gentleman sporting this trendy briefcase is sure to have one cool, elegant look, at least all the time it's worn! Get this excellent briefcase here.
Top Choice: Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger Bag
Brown leather briefcases have been a staple for most modern, dapper men. With an high quality leather, and a soft contour, the brown briefcase works well, in and out of the office. Wearing a suit, or denim jeans will complement this look excellently. This is a flexible briefcase that can be used every single day, for important essentials, and gadgets. The shoulder strap conveniently attaches to the hardware, turning this cool briefcase into a messenger bag. Get this flexible, brown leather briefcase here.
Top Choice: Mens Modern Crocodile Pattern Leather Briefcase

Black briefcases will really always be a staple in menswear. The black crocodile patterned briefcase is a modern take on a traditional, highly sought-after item! With this cool briefcase, your outfit doesn't need to be so hip or cool at all. The briefcase speaks style and charm, all on it's own. Whether you sport this with plain trousers and a sweatshirt, or a classic, upscale suit, you'll really be more chic, savvy, and sophisticated than you'd imagine! Get this luxury briefcase here.
One fashionable pattern that most stylish men can agree on is the ostrich pattern. It's feel is embossed in luxury, and truly a high quality material. Sport this to events, work, or even casually. Get this luxury briefcase here.

Top Choice: Stylish Crocodile Leather Diagonal Cross-Section Brown Bag
If there is one briefcase that can be used everyday, confidently, it is this brown cordillera patterned leather messenger bag. It's excellent detail and convenience makes it an excellent companion for any modern, smart gentleman. Get this cool, fashionable briefcase/messenger shoulder bag here.

Style Tip: Sport a modern briefcase with casual chino pants and moccasin or brogue shoes that are black or brown. This business-casual look makes your style more easy-going, while staying sophsictaed and updated with great style!

While great style can be seen in many different items of high end mens fashion, an excellent look always starts with the briefcase. Getting awesome briefcases that will surely make your look more attractive, professional, and easy-going will do wonders, all while boosting your style status and keeping you organized - excellent, dapper, amazing!

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