Wednesday, December 24, 2014

3 Amazing Briefcases For Men That Are Cool, Sleek, and Flexible

Most stylish guys are aware that skimping on style can be costly in the long run. Not dressing appropriately for the times can leave you in the dust as the gentlemen who do, propel their social and professional lives to new heights. Flexible, sleek, and amazingly cool briefcases are a very easy, carefree, and simple way to embrace modern mens style with awe inspiring designs and patterns. Briefcases say a whole lot about the guy than meets the eye. Poise, Sophistication, Self Value; No wonder guys of the 21st are saying YES to genuine leather briefcases that help them stay relevant, stylish, and just very, very attractive. After all, isn't that what fashion is all about? Briefcase shopping can be boring, especially when most briefcases released by designers have the same design, more or less. The lack of diversity in mens briefcase selections at major brand and department stores does not stop fashion forward guys from improving their style. These fashion trendsetters are savvy, and are sticking with high end patterns from crocodile to ostrich. Knowing which style of briefcase to get is a must for men who want to have command of a truly passionate and dapper lifestyle. Here are 2 amazing briefcases for men that are cool, sleek, and flexible, making them excellent for guys whether he is headed to the office or not:

2015 Mens Modern Crocodile Pattern Leather Briefcase at PILAEO
Get this sleek, genuine leather, black crocodile pattern briefcase here at PILAEO

Cowhide leather can be designed into amazing patterns. You might be impressed to see how elegantly the crocodile pattern can be styled into a neat, modern briefcase. The sleek nature of this style with it’s subtle hardware and latch makes it ideal for most guys. It says so much without any vulgarity. Perfect for the office, or business casual. Boasting many excellent compartments, and a flap cover, the guy who is looking for a taste of modern style to add to his everyday lifestyle has just met his match.

Amazing Woven Black Genuine Leather Square Briefcase
Amazing Woven Black Genuine Leather Square Briefcase
Get this genuine leather woven briefcase here at PILAEO

Not many patterns can remain popular decade in, and decade out. Only a select few have truly stood the test of time. Among them is the woven pattern. Popularized by Bottega Veneta’s collection of genuine leather woven accessories, the woven pattern is now designed into footwear, luggage, and even clothing. Men familiar with true luxury know the Italian handcrafted style is here to stay, and for a very good reason. Briefcases that have a modern, sleek, and square shaped contour, easily allows guys to associate with the centuries of authentic Italian handcrafting perfection. Woven briefcases are popular among fashion elite, and now just about anyone can become fashion elite, of course with a woven genuine leather briefcase, that is.

Luxury Ostrich Grain Mens Black Leather Briefcase IJIX878789
Get this ostrich patterned leather briefcase here at PILAEO
There is a very well kept style secret among dapper gentlemen. To add real fashion clout to the wardrobe, a guy of true style embraces stepping out with ostrich print like no other era in history. The trend is sophisticated, very cool, and has a some what low-key luxury persona of it’s own. This briefcase surely enhances the character of it’s owner. Not sure if your outfit looks nice enough for that event? Not an issue. The ostrich patterned genuine leather briefcase is one of the stellar styles that you may not want to ignore. With the popular ostrich grain pattern, on a black, genuine leather briefcase, along with gold colored hardware, the multi-compartment briefcase makes any guy truly modern, and very stunning. Amazing briefcases can be a bit tough to spot. Truly modern fashionistos who are attempting to embrace a new kind of mens fashion, such as the styles seen at PILAEO, know just how to pair these stunning briefcases correctly with the right attire. Fashion forward gentlemen of the 21st century are embracing genuine leather crocodile, woven, and ostrich grain briefcases in a dapper, sophisticated way, that is flexible and not just reserved for the office. They are smart, very tech-savvy, and ambitious. Here are some tips on how to sport each of these styles best.

The crocodile patterned leather briefcase. What To Wear
Owning a luxury briefcase is really a big deal for most fashionable guys. And even if the apparel isnt so trendy, the briefcase alone will do wonders, in particular, a crocodile pattern leather briefcase. However there is a professional look that sticks out in excellence and complements a crocodile briefcase amazingly. White dress shirt. Black slacks and dress shoes. Finish of this elegant look with a slim, black necktie and you are instantly within the fashionable elite.

The woven leather briefcase. What To Wear
Woven pattern is excellent for any style, casual or professional, and that is why top fashion houses have embraced the design for decades.Successfully sport the woven briefcase with a plaid dress shirt and denim jeans or even you favorite grey, check suit and an amazingly stylish day is ahead.

The ostrich grain leather briefcase. What To Wear
The ostrich grain is really a distinct pattern, and that is what makes is so desirable. The pattern is modern, cool, and highly prized by fashionable guys all around the world. The ostrich briefcase is the excellent style that gentlemen who are looking for a boost in social and professional lifestyle should pay attention to. Wear the stylish look with a black or navy blue cardigan, and a white dress shirt inside for a modern, attractive look. Moccasin shoes and chino pants complement this look very well. You will surely be pleased with the direction of your style, once you've mastered pairing the ostrich briefcase with your attire.

Gentlemen who embrace modern menswear trends have been reaping the style benefits of an enhanced social and professional lifestyle and are in tune with the latest runway trends from top fashion cities worldwide. Sporting a briefcase instantly puts gentlemen in the category of the ambitious, stylish fashionistos who are not afraid to wear new trends, and knows exactly what he wants for his appearance. Wearing the right clothing with essential luxury briefcases is a great choice for a guy looking to add some fashion clout to his wardrobe. Tech essentials, documents, and office supplies have a new, upscale place to reside, right in your hand, which holds a briefcase, which is an symbol of professional elegance at it’s utmost best.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Saying Yes To The Crocodile Briefcase Trend

Gentlemen who have a modern style knack are always craving for the latest, best trend to wear. Going shopping can be troublesome for most guys if unsure of what exactly to buy. The secret is really out and crocodile pattern leads the way in truly dapper patterns to stick with when shopping. Most guys get the impression that in order to sport a crocodile patterned anything, he's got to be dressed really sleekly with tie, suit, and fancy shoes. However, creative designers have made leather briefcases featuring crocodile patterns with a nice twist. The contours, hardware, and all other aspects of the crocodile patterned accessory makes it the perfect complement for casual and professional attire. Men who are in tune with modern fashion are embracing this new elegant trend, and saying yes to the crocodile briefcase. There several key ways to getting the look right from sporting it with denim jeans, and even shorts. It all depends on how flexible your wardrobe is and how well you can pair outfits with the highly elegant look of crocodile pattern.

Meet The Classic Genuine Crocodile Leather Luxury Strapless Briefcase. 

 Classic Genuine Crocodile Leather Luxury Strapless Briefcase  I989G87YX PILAEO
100% Genuine Crocodile Leather Briefcase - Available at PILAEO here

going casual
The casual look isn't for everyone. Some guys actually refuse to be seen in anything but a business suit. Sleek, charm, wit, and unexpectedly, professionalism can all be attributes to a casual look and can complement a crocodile briefcase. Pair your favorite denim jeans with a sweater or dress shirt (preferably a neutral color) and you will be amazed to see that the look simply stuns.

minimalism is in
A super popular, time tested trend among many fashionistos/as is minimalism. Not allowing your fashion choices to be overpowering is key to keeping a sophisticated and truly upscale look. Crocodile briefcases are the go to item of choice for a guy who sports a minimalism style and needs a reliably upscale and stylish accessory to carry his essentials in.

t-shirts.. and briefcases. Yes, it can work
T-shirts have gotten a not so great rep, partly because they are just too casual. However, you may want to rethink that. T-shirts offer a laid back look that most gentlemen could use to thrive and stand out in an environment built on unfortunate materialism. Pair your favorite t-shirt with your cardigan (wearing it open) for a neat and stylish look. T-shirts are excellent for bringing and an outfit an air of easygoing style and comfort. Pair the look with your crocodile briefcase for an amazingly good looking outfit.

Saying yes to crocodile briefcases are all too easy because of their modern design and pattern. However, staying on par with the right pieces in your outfit, t-shirt, and jeans, dresshirt, and suit, are important. The crocodile briefcase trend is not just for professional guys. Casually dressed guys can get the look too and be just as dapper, and surely just as elegant!

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Crocodile Briefcase You Would Not Want To Be Without, Seriously

It's All About Style.....the crocodile briefcase

Crocodile briefcases are for the most part, IN STYLE. If you're looking for something to carry your essentials around in. QUICK TIP. Those knapsacks are really out. And crocodile briefcases, well, they are very much in. With the sophisticated design, alongside it's sleek color and charm, it provides men with style equity. Style is not something most guys like to discuses, at least openly among strangers. Getting the look that is right for the moment is something the crocodile briefcase does. It just tends to have a DAPPER EFFECT. Not just a briefcase, not just a crocodile patterned beauty, but a fashion statement in itself. Men who are carrying traditional briefcases have really become trendy, embracing a cool, hip trend that is surely high quality and really, really easy on the eyes, definite win, win here.
mens crocodile briefcase
The Questions is...

Getting an awesome, modern look, is possible. Even if you are casually dressed. The questions isn't what would a guy wear with this briefcase actually, it is what should not be worn with the crocodile briefcase! The briefcase, featuring genuine leather with a crocodile pattern will seriously turn any outfit instantly fashionable. From savvy businessmen to easy going casual guys (not that professionals aren't easy going!), the crocodile briefcase is a time tested essential. Essential in that you can put all of your cool, neat mobile phones and ipads in it and not have them hanging out of your pants pocket (which can be uncomfortable by the way).

There is a very good reason why fashionable men of 2015 are choosing to stay in style, and it may be that the crocodile patterned briefcase offers a new, modern take an a traditional menswear accessory that is just really trendy, sophisticated, and essential!