Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 Luxury Leather Briefcases That Make Men Stand Out

Whether in your everyday active life or while going on business trips or meeting, it is important that a man should stand out from the rest of the crowd. While women have so many options when it comes to setting themselves apart, men have to rely solely on their clothing and accessories. Therefore, attention must be given to every detail of a man’s outfit for him to remark himself. For instance, you would want to carefully choose the pairing of your pants and blazers along with your shirt. Consideration would be given to the material used in each of your clothing pieces. Quite similarly, you would need to consider your accessories.

A man’s major accessories would be his watch, perhaps a piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or a ring and his bag. The bag is the most notable piece of accessory obviously due to its size, but also because it has a function. Just like the choice of a car might help people to determine which type of person you are, similarly, the choice of a bag, its size and the material with which it is made would determine how you are perceived. For instance, a bigger bag would let out that you tend to carry a lot around. A compact bag would give the impression that you carry only the essential. The choice of the material of the bag is also an effective to set yourself apart. Leather is definitely the material to go to for men seeking to stand out. Crocodile patterns are particularly trendy when it comes to masculine fashion. It terms of briefcases, this trend is more than present. Crocodile leather patterns or genuine crocodile leather briefcases are almost always up there in the list of the most classy men’s pieces. No man can ever go unnoticed when carrying a crocodile leather bag. The selection below will help you to find luxury briefcases for your professional needs.

The Modern Crocodile Pattern Briefcase
Let’s start with the crocodile pattern briefcase. This type of briefcase is definitely elegant and constitutes of a must-have if you wish to stand out. The form of the bag is quite simple with soft contours on the edges. The stylish crocodile pattern on this briefcase is embossed on genuine leather. This makes this piece a truly timeless one that exudes modernity and elegance. This briefcase is also an affordable alternative to genuine crocodile leather. It is excellent for daily professional use. This type of leather briefcase promises robustness and durability. It is perfect to be transported while traveling or for business meetings. This briefcase consists of various compartments to fit your daily use whether you have to carry a laptop, tablet, smartphones or other office and business essentials.

This black briefcase is made of genuine leather and the color goes with just about any outfit.The design of the bag is ideal for formal situations where you would want to look your best such as a business meeting or a client visit. You would be sure to impress with this classy piece. The bag comprises of a telescopic handle. The excellent craftsmanship and high quality makes this a good value for money. The multiple compartments are convenient to keep your laptop tightly in place without it moving around. The removable strap and secure latch ensures maximum security, especially during travels and allows for an easy carrying of the bag. The strap also provides an even distribution of the bag’s weight on the shoulder, making it quite easy to carry, regardless of the weight of the bag. This modern crocodile pattern bag can be bought at $299.99

2015 Mens Modern Crocodile Pattern Leather Briefcase
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Genuine Crocodile Leather Gold Trimmed Briefcase
When it comes to channeling the real luxurious feel, nothing beats the classiness and elegance of genuine crocodile leather. This material is so highly regarded as it is quite rare to find. It must be considered that it takes a considerable amount of years for crocodile leather to be manufactured as the crocodile needs to be raised to adulthood. Crocodiles that are raised for their leather are also well fed and oils are often used both in their nutrition and on their skin to ensure great quality leather that look and feel good. Producing genuine crocodile leather therefore requires a considerable amount of work and patience. Any material that takes so much time and patience is considered as a noble and rare one. Crocodile leather is of no exception to this. In order to stand out, a man can undeniably use a genuine crocodile leather briefcase.

This type of accessory drives all the attention to itself anywhere you go. This kind of bag is ideal for the gentlemen who are seeking to be in control of their style and professional endeavours. This timeless piece dresses up just about any outfit, whether you are in a formal environment or a casual business one. It can also complement outfits of any color. The briefcase is ideal for traveling as it is made up of various internal structures consisting of zipper pockets for cell phones and pocket cameras as well as internal compartments for devices such as a laptop or tablet. This timeless upscale briefcase can be purchased at $1,299.99

Stunning Gold Trimmed Genuine Crocodile Leather Mens Briefcase
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The Dark Taupe Grey Crocodile Pattern Briefcase
When it comes to choosing modern and trendy accessories, there are certain colors with which you just can’t go wrong. Taupe is one of these colors. Taupe is modern and definitely exudes class and elegance. It is also one of the most masculine colors that you might get after blacks and browns. The modern aspect of the color is also effective in providing a very youthful look. This briefcase is ideal for gentlemen looking for modern pieces with simple and no-fuss designs. This piece, despite being modern, has all the potential of becoming a timeless piece in the years to come. As such, it can constitute of a great investment now. This briefcase not only features a stunning dark taupe hue but it is also consists of crocodile patterns on the high-quality genuine cowhide leather. This piece is ideal for the gentleman that wants to look daring.

This briefcase design consists of gradient fade crocodile pattern. The multiple zip compartments are ideal for the man who is constantly on the move or engaged in business meetings and travels. The briefcase easily fits laptops, documents, tablets and other gadgets and devices. Most people prefer their bags to come with a secure lock. The lock is also ideal for confidential documents and for safety while traveling. This amazing luxury crocodile pattern briefcase can be purchased for $597

Dark Taupe Grey Luxury Crocodile Pattern Stunning Briefcase
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The modern man certainly is now faced with endless possibilities when it comes to the choice of elegant accessories. Luxury briefcases brands now respect the taste and color preferences of their target audience, much to the delight of the fashionable man. With the selection above we proposed a classic genuine crocodile leather briefcase, a crocodile pattern one and a leather briefcase in a modern taupe color. Whether you are going to work, on a business trip or just hanging out anywhere, having a timeless piece such as a crocodile briefcase would ensure that you can travel in elegance and style.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MUST HAVE Mens Bags And Briefcases To Get Now

We are all seeking timeless pieces that would never go out of style, whenever it comes to choosing your bags or any other accessory. If you are on a budget but still want to treat yourself to a great bag, opting for a timeless piece is the best investment you could make. If you are on the look out for a new bag, your best bet would be to choose a versatile piece that would complement any time of outfit, whether casual or dressy. Apart from the style, you might also focus on opting for neutral colors to match any outfit color .

Vintage Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Among some of the most timeless styles that you can opt for, vintage is one of the most elegant ones. This vintage messenger bag constitutes of a statement piece in itself. It is made up of a smooth genuine leather and comes with a shoulder strap. This makes it convenient to carry around as it balances the weight off the shoulder perfectly. This messenger bag is great for men who travel a lot or are constantly on the move during the course of their work. It has several compartments, making the storage of a tablet, mobile phone and other work essentials a breeze. This vintage messenger bag can be bought for $159.99

Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger
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Strapless Crocodile Leather Briefcase

Crocodile leather is one of the most timeless materials out there. It has been around for thousands of years and it still represents the epitome of luxury and class. Crocodile leather is also one of the most durable materials for a bag and investing in such a piece would guarantee a lifetime use. This timeless crocodile leather bag comes from the Siam crocodile. This particular croco is known for the distinct and rare quality of its leather. This handcrafted bag is ideal for the serious professional and is sure to yield its effect during business meetings and presentations. This bag is on sale at $2,339.39

Classic Genuine Crocodile Leather Luxury Strapless Briefcase
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The Ostrich Grain Leather Briefcase

The ostrich pattern is yet another timeless pattern when it comes to leather bags. This pattern is discreet enough not to overwhelm your daily look and it adds a nice touch of originality to a classic suit. This ostrich grain briefcase is completely made of leather. It consists of a quality craftsmanship and design. Its stylish strap features a golden latch and is removable at the wearer’s convenience. This is the ideal bag to carry to work or business meetings and has great compartments for the storage of a laptop, tablet, mobile phones and other documents. This timeless piece is sold at $279.00

Luxury Ostrich Grain Mens Black Leather Briefcase
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The Modern Cross Section Messenger Bag

The cross section messenger bag will never go out of style. This is because this piece of accessory blends so well with just about any outfit, whether it is formal or casual wear. This mousse oil wax leather bag comes in a timeless black color. Its inside lining material is polyester. The inside of the bag consists of several compartments to easily keep cellphones, documents and other business necessities. The style of this bag makes it convenient for men who are constantly on the move. It also balances the weight off the shoulder to offer optimum comfort. This convenient bag can be bought for $212.00

Modern Cross Section Business Messenger Leather Black Bag
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Timeless pieces are great investments when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories. Leather is undeniably one of most timeless materials to opt for when choosing your bags. Styles such as the vintage look and the crocodile leather go well with just about any formal outfit and therefore you can’t go wrong with these!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Best Brown Briefcases For Fashion Forward Gentlemen

Black is the boldest color out there and certainly a staple when it comes to your briefcases and bags. Unless you are Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black, you might be looking to vary colors in your wardrobe. If you do not wish to go overboard with colors and want to keep your accessories to classic color tones, you might want to consider brown hues. Bags in chocolate, coffee or cappuccino colors are classy and in. Brown leather is especially attractive and pleasing. If you do not already have one in your collection, you might want to jazz things up a bit with beauties listed below.

The Classic Crocodile Leather Bag
You just can’t go wrong with leather, especially with crocodile patterns. Crocodile leather bags add an exquisite touch of wild and dangerous to your look while exuding so much fashion sense. These sort of bags go especially well with smooth textured looks. You would either be wearing a sleek suit or just a pair of pants and shirt, a crocodile leather bag would lift up your look anyway. This classic crocodile genuine leather bag can be acquired at $474.41

Classic Crocodile Genuine Leather Texture Brown Bag
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The Vintage Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag
Messenger bags, aptly named so as they were traditionally carried around by guess who? Well messengers! These bags although being traditionally made from canvas, have greatly evolved in the last decade and risen to a brand new level when it comes to urban fashion. You could easily picture hip students as well as urban hipsters with these types of bags. The messenger back is the ultimate accessory to complement a laid-back style with just a hint of classic flair. However, this leather vintage messenger bag is much more than that. This bag exudes a great dose of uptown sophistication. You can find it at $159.99

Exclusive Genuine Leather Brown Vintage Mens Briefcase Messenger Bag
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The Business Casual Shoulder Bag It is casual Friday yet? This bag certainly brings out a casual feel. For those of you who are lucky enough to be channelling the casual look at year round, this bag is particularly great. Just pair it with an open front cardigan and a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to roll. This kind of bag is particularly great for the young entrepreneur, student or start up professional, bearing enough space for a laptop, documents and other work-related gadgets such as cameras and cellphones. This wonderful leather bag can be acquired at $362.61

Attractive Genuine Shoulder Business Casual Leather Brown Bag
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The Business Handbag
This handbag is the right blend between a tote and a briefcase. It has all the convenience and space of a tote bag, while keeping the professional look of the briefcase. This bag is easy to carry around and is a game-changer in certain situations. Your colleagues would certainly be asking you about this one as it is so unique. The pure brown color will certainly be turning some heads. This bag is great to carry around on business trips and travels. It can hold all your documents plus your tech gadgets. You can acquire this one at $210.99

Business Fashion Genuine Soft Leather Brown Handbag
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The Dark Brown Shoulder Bag
This is a classic messenger cum shoulder bag that would be fitting in almost all occasions, whether you are travelling or are heading for a business meeting. It is easy to carry around and ensures the even distribution of weight making it convenient. Shoulder bags offer some great “hands-free” convenience if you have to grab public transports or wish to have a coffee while reading your reports. This casual bag offers some good storage capacity and can be bought at $280.

Business Casual Large Capacity Briefcase Men Shoulder Brown Bag
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Brown is the color to go for it you’ve noticed too much blacks in your wardrobe. It still remains a classic color while at the same time exuding a sense of dynamism and youth.