Monday, June 23, 2014

A Serious Analysis of Menswear: The Survival Of Mens Fashion

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Avant Garde Innovation Blended With Traditionalism Is The Future Of Menswear: See Some Of The Most Inspiring Blazers Here
Once upon a time in menswear, gentlemen were supposed to be strictly adhered to a specific style of dressing. Black suits, well groomed hair and shoes, and a crisp tie were commonplace and paramount. The question in this modern era now is; How can men stay trendy and move along with technology but at the same time not lose face of masculinity? Some fashion houses have responded by promoting androgyny. Some have stuck to their beliefs and remained traditional. Others have seeked out a trendy and safe mixture of the two.Welcome to victim of men's fashion. In this blog, I will zoom in on complicated issues that the men's fashion industry is struggling to deal with: An evolution in menswear. More demanding, and adaptable then ever, guy's want to play. Guy's want to be "in". If it isn't cool and neat, then it simply isn't good enough. I must agree that every gentlemen has his own style. While some guy's could go no where near floral prints, some embrace modernity and innovative designs. Blending the past with the future is the best way for the menswear industry to adapt to the ever changing consumer demands. The change in consumerism must be met with an adequate change in the menswear industry. If this is not implemented by global fashion brands, then most men will continue to do what they have been doing for the past decade, creating their own style. This has given rise to indie, artsy, and DIY styling. While in the office, guys must maintain a professional look, but who's to say they can't be fashionable while doing it. Sticking to reserved colors such as navy blue, dark gray, or fabrics like herringbone and tweed are by no means out of style. But playing catch up with the era is not sustainable at all either. Style Evolves and so with it does attitude. The attitude and climate for fresh menswear is on the horizon. Victim of Mens Fashion will carry you into a new era where menswear reigns, and simply does not lag behind. See some of my recommended menswear innovators that are making things happen within the industry: -, a premier menswear resource - Central Saint Martins (University Of The Arts -London) Menswear Program - Mens Fashion Blazers - Innovative selections of Menswear

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